Workplace Safety

SCS maintains a strong commitment to workplace health and safety and as an H&S trainer, Chris has developed strong policies to ensure that all work carried out by the company satisfies our obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act (1992) and associated legislation.

Our commitment includes

  • Continuous development of in-house safety policies and plans
  • Systems to eliminate, isolate or minimise hazards in the workplace
  • Providing a safe workplace for staff and others in the work environment
  • Provide adequate and compliant PPE and clothing
  • Provide on-going training and coaching of staff
  • Monitoring staff compliance


Hazard Management Safety Procedures

Hazards Management Method
Driver fatigue Driving hours policies have been developed and the operators instructed that compliance with these policies is mandatory
Traffic congestion Roads with high traffic volumes must be surveyed during off-peak hours Rotating orange beacons are used where appropriate
Pedestrians and cyclists Care is taken to ensure that pedestrians and cyclist are not exposed to any risk from the operation. Operators must keep clear of cycle lanes and give way at pedestrian crossings when necessary
Vehicle accidents and collisions Hands-free car phones are provided to all operators. A fire extinguisher and first aid kit is carried in survey vehicles Roughness surveys are carried out at normal traffic flow speeds. Any operational requirements or equipment adjustments that vary the operating speed will be carried out off the road
Workers on foot All walk over inspection work is carried out in compliance with the COPTTM requirements for inspection activities. In high AADT areas a safety observer is deployed to warn the inspector of oncoming traffic All workers must wear compliant high visibility jackets when working outside the vehicle


Safety Procedures
Field staff have 24hr contact with the office either by cellular phone or landline phones at
accommodation locations.

Traffic management procedures are based on Transit New Zealand’s Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management or the Local Roads supplement to COPTTM if appropriate. SCS management and technicians have attended the Level 1 Site Traffic Management Supervisor training (STMS).

Chris Shaw is a currently accredited Level 1 STMS trainer.

Health and Safety track record
To date SCS has never lost any time to an injury accident.


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